Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - Coolest Parents

Come on how cool is it when parents dress up on Halloween to go trick or treating with their kids? I don't - but I never claimed to be cool..... I love it when I see dads dress up to go door to door.

I would think being who they are, the Pitt-Jolie family would have a very hard time going trick or treating. These pictures of the Pitt-Jolie family are great and show just how cool it would be to have these two as parents. Normalcy isn't an option for this famous family, but they try to give their kids what they had growing up as much as safely possible. Its good to see the take a drink with you tradition is alive and well. Just what is Brad and Angelina dressed up as? I don't get it.

It's nice to see that like our home there are no princesses in their house. Shilo continues to be influenced by her big brothers and remains the consummate tom boy.

Trick or treat anyone?

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