Bikram Yoga - Why am I Still Going?

Day 5 was by far the easiest day, I found a cooler corner where it was a few degrees lower. I was able to do 75% of the class - so I am getting there.

What I can't figure out is why I am still going, it's hard and when I'm doing it I want to quit but then just hours after the class my body is craving to go back. I think my body is nuts, it can't stand the heat but it wants to go back into it again......

I've never craved an activity after such a short time of doing it, especially one that takes so much effort. It usually takes a couple of months for my body to need to continue and by then I've usually let life get in the way. This time in less than 1 week my body craves the activity and life hasn't had a chance to get in the way yet. However finances might, this is not a cheap way to exercise.

I am impressed though because after a week I'm fitting into jeans a size smaller then I was a week ago and my skin is clear and softer. I haven't changed the way I eat, still eating bad fast food and junk food. I've done a lot of different exercise and diet plans and none have had this type of effect in after just one week. OK maybe it's just water, but hey I'm in a size smaller without dieting and my body is craving the activity like it was a drug - so I don't care!

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