Westcoast Hot Yoga in Vancouver IS for Beginners

I thought I'd try Westcoast Hot Yoga before committing to the Bikram Yoga Studio and it was a lot gentler. They provided modified poses, straps, and blocks. They didn't push or even use the word push. They had advanced and beginner instructions for all their poses so everyone could feel included in the exercises.

Personally, I will probably go with Westcoast Hot Yoga because they have other types of classes. They have a 60 minute Hot Yoga class as well as the 90 minutes with the room at 40 degrees. They also have cooler classes with the room at 30 degrees and longer held poses for a different benefit. I like the option of changing it up.

There is nothing wrong with the Bikram Studio Franchise - it is a good quality studio to practice hot yoga with. I enjoyed my 2 weeks and encourage others who are experienced yoga practitioners to try out the Bikram Yoga Studio in their area. For me I like modified options, stretching aids, and different class lengths and times, which Westcoast Hot Yoga provides. That's the great thing about competition, there is something for everyone.

Day 1

Bikram Yoga - Yep Still Hot

Bikram Yoga - not for beginners

Bikram Yoga Studio - Whiterock

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