A Good Dishwasher is More Important then a Good Man

I don't hand wash anything, if it can't go into the dishwasher I don't want it. As 'The Lazy Housewife,' hand washing is too much work for me. In our former residence, which we built, I made sure I purchased the best dishwasher available in 2000. I didn't want to wash my dishes before the dishwasher did and I certainly wanted to be able to pile as many dishes as possible into the machine. You never really appreciate what you've got 'til its gone.

We are currently renting a house where the appliances were the best offered in the early 80s and the dishwasher has seen better days. I am so frustrated because I have to not only rinse my dishes before they go into the dishwasher, but I have to soak them in soapy water. I can't pile dishes into it, only a few at a time making sure nothing is covering any other item. I might as well hand wash ... heaven forbid!

When we finally do obtain the purchase of that perfect house it has to have a state of the art dishwasher and if it doesn't - one will have to be put in before I move in. Although anything newer then what I have now has got to better. I have to empty it 3 times a day ... last time I ran a dishwasher that much I had 6 kids for breakfast lunch and snack time on top of the usual family of 4 mess.

The next dishwasher must be able to create enough water pressure to blast any stuck on mess off any dish or pot. It must have enough space to hold almost all my dishes at once. It should come with an extra boost of heating the water to ensure all bacteria is annihilated and if it was able to empty and fill itself it would forever be in my kitchen.

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