November in Vancouver is a Real Downer

OK enough of the rain already. I knew it was going to be wet and rainy here, afterall that's winter in Vancouver - right?! A month of solid rain and dreary skies, I miss the Calgary sunshine and big sky. I am sitting here looking out at the fabulous view from my bedroom of the Pacific Ocean and all the Islands and all I can think of is where is the sun already.

I am truly getting the blues, I don't want to do much of anything and I am exhausted all the time, even after lots of sleep. Next year I want a vacation to sunnier spots - I don't care if it's minus 40, just as long as there is sunshine!

Oh well, I'll just use the rainy day blues as my latest excuse not to do more than absolutely necessary around the house. I think it's time to go shopping - spending money always improves my mood.

Now I can't even see the ocean for the low fog..... great where's the benefit of living here?

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