Protecting Our Children --- Crimes against Children is a Family Affair

I don't know why I keep reading the news...... its scarier then any horror movie. For the Mohler family men, sexual crimes against children is a family affair. Five men are facing charges of crimes against children and the police have cadaver dogs out searching a farm looking for victim remains. The father of this family taught his 5 sons to be sexual devients and together they abused the family's children.

These types of stories are horrific and are becoming a regular news stories. Is it becoming so common that all we do is say - oh there's another one - or do we continue to be shocked and horrified?

The question of the day is how do you protect your child from these types of people?

Is there anyway to rid society of this type of behavior?

Project Sanctuary - 25 Children rescued from child pornogrophy ring

Tips from the National Offenders Registry

How to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Missing Children Society - How to Protect Your Child

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