Handmade Blooming Gift Box for Christmas

I got this idea from Country Heart and Home, take a moment to check out her blooming gift box, its fabulous. you'll have to scroll down a bit as she talks about other things first, but it's worth it.

I didn't have a template so I used an hexagon shape from the Creative Memories Cutting System to measure out the base.

For the first inner most box I used the smallest hexagon shape and measured out 2" for each side and then connected each square to create triangles that connected the squares.

(this is the lid at 1" for the box use 2")

I cut out the whole shape and then cut each square on one side. I scored all the other lines so that the squares would bend up and the triangles would bend across to connect each square securely creating a box. I glued the triangles to the folded up squares creating a box.

I then took the next sized hexagon base and measured 2" sides to create squares across from each other. I did NOT create triangles this time. I cut out the shape and scored the lines that connected the squares to the octagon in order to bend the squares up.

I repeated this with the last sized hexagon. You could make as many layers as you wanted to by adding hexagon bases that are anywhere from 1/4" to 1/2" bigger then the last. I stayed with 3 shapes to make it easier.

I then decorated the squares with pictures and stamps from Stampin' Up.

To secure the whole thing together in a box I made the lid. The hexagon shape for the top was the same size as the largest base hexagon. I then measured 1" from the octagon base to make the sides of the top. As with the innermost box I connected the rectangles to make triangles and cut slit on one side of each rectangle. I scored all the lines and folded the shapes to connect to each other.

I then covered the top with Christmas patterned paper by cutting out the same shape minus the triangles. I glued it to the card stock lid and used a Christmas ribbon around the sides.

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