Can Anything Be Done About Cyber Bullies? Should Parents be Held Responsible?

Last night W5 aired a segment on cyber bullying and how it is out of control. The effects of cyber bullying are worse then physical bullying as it creates constant fear in the victim.

Should parents be responsible for the actions of their children? Would it be too much to ask that children who are caught bullying be forced to go into councelling with their parents? Should a victim's family be able sue a bully's family for damages?

Take this thought a little further and ask should parents be held accountable if their child commits a crime? Whether it be dealing drugs, murder, or stealing? Would there be as much under age crime if parents were held responsible for what their under age children do?

If a family could be forced into family programs if their children committed a crime would they be more diligent about watching their kids?

Cyber bullying happens right under the noses of parents in their own homes. Parents should be responsible for what their kids do in their own homes at least. Programs should be created to help parents stop this type of activity in their own homes. Parents need to step up and be there for there kids and help them to be better citizens and better human beings. We can't always watch our kids, we can't always make choices for them, but parents can teach their children morality and how to make better choices in life.

Keeping children safe online

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Mother's Don't Have Time to Get Sick - What's Your Home Remedy?

I've been sick for 3 days and I feel like hell. My house is a disaster as my kids have been fending for themselves. I'm a baby when I get sick, I can't function and keep going, when I'm sick I'm down for the count.

Today I'm a walking drug store and I'm going to start trying every home remedy I can think of. I just don't have time to be sick, after all I'm a mother and I have kids and a house to take care of.

What's your home remedy for a head cold?

Overwhelmed, Exhausted and Feeling Like a Terrible Mother

Ever feel like you're not measuring up as a mother? Do you wonder if you are messing up your kids chances in life and never do enough for them? I always have too much on my plate and then I get so tired I can't do anything. The guilt starts to seep in and I start to feel like a terrible mother.

So what makes a terrible mother? Are we terrible if our kids don't get to bed on time? What if they don't get to school on time every day? What if some of their dinners are cereal? Homework not always done or they don't read every night?

Parents are overwhelmed, especially if they both work. Single moms have a huge burden to shoulder with very little help. Does beating ourselves up or judging ourselves against others or a perfect ideal help or hinder mothers?

I have some days where everything works and I have the energy and time to devote to everything, it doesn't take much though for my schedule to fall apart and the kids routines to crumble. When I get so tired I can't think straight and I feel like I'm constantly waking myself up as I go through my day I can't help but be a terrible mom. My kids deserve the best but I can't always give my best, I know it doesn't make me the world's worst mom and it is during this time I shower them with love. Feeling guilty about not doing the things that mothers should do pushes me to hug them more, kiss them more, tell them how much they mean to me and that I am sorry things aren't the way they need to be right now.

Identity - Does Your Child Have One?

Growing up I lived in a very small town - my high school had 350 kids from Grade 8 - Grade 12. The population of the town and the surrounding area was approx 2000 people. I was 4th generation in my town and I was either my grandmother's grand daugther, my mother's daughter or my brother's sister. This is how many people knew me my identity was wrapped up in someone else's identity and not my own.

Children of successful people and celebrities may find themselves in their parents shadow and not know who they are outside of their relationship to others. It may not sound like a big deal, but identity is the center of our self and if our self is overshadowed by successful or well known individuals we may have a hard time knowing ourselves.

Children, especially teenagers, need to know who they are outside of the family unit. They need an identity of their own, successes that are theirs and not judged for not measuring up to others. Some children may feel that they are in a shadow while others don't. What the child feels is just as important as what others say so make sure that your child's view of themselves is in line with reality.

I left the small town as soon as I could and have been trying to figure out who I am ever since. I know what I don't want, I just don't always know what I do want - really want.

My daughter knows what she wants, she knows herself and although it can be difficult for me at times I never want her to loose this. My son has a more difficult time knowing what he wants and what he enjoys in life, it is my job to make sure he finds passion and direction based on his identity and not mine.

What do you do to ensure your child knows himself and knows what he wants out of life?

Searching for the Best School for my Son, Which is Best?

My son is special and I want the best for him, but trying to find the best school for him is stressful. I went to an orientation this evening and although it sounds wonderful I am having a hard time making a decision.

St. John's Fine Arts school has a great reputation and a wonderful program, but will it work best for my son's needs? Presently he is in grade 3 at our local neighbourhood school along with my daughter, she's in Kindergarten. The neighbourhood school has a fine arts based curriculum (but is not a fine arts school) and it has provided my son with the resources he needs. He has only one more year at this school before he will be shipped out to a middle school that is not fine arts based for two years. Next year would be the last year that both my kids will be in the same school if my son stays where he is.

If he goes to St. John's then he'll be there for the next three years and then will go on to a fine arts jr. high. It is set up like a jr high where teachers teach based on subjects and the kids have more than one teacher and this makes it easier for them when they go into jr. high.

They enable the children to express themselves in many different ways, drama, music, dance, and art. Everything is project based and all the classes work together to build on each other. For example socials curriculum influences art classes and visa versa.

The school is downtown about 30 minutes without rush hour and it's Catholic and we're not. Although I love the idea of religion and prayer in the school, I've never gone to Catholic school and don't know what to expect.

My son is gifted visually and extremely gifted verbally, he has a processing learning disability. What this means is that he gets the lessons quick, he has these amazing thoughts processes but he cannot write them on paper very well. Trying to find a school where he will flourish and expand his potential is stressful because I don't know where he will fit best.

The city has schools for gifted kids, but I'm not sure if my son would fit because he's not an academic kid and has a learning disability. There are also science based, math based, French and Spanish immersion, hockey based, and a variety of other options out there. All these options make it hard to know which is the best and it becomes stressful, every mother wants their child to excel and worrys about their education.

Don't Overschedule Kids Need Time to Play Together to be Close

My children are different from each other in so many ways, but it is the time they spend together that is the most important. It is the activities that they both like that I try to ensure they get time for, watching TV and playing video games don't count. It is the quality time they spend playing together that will build a close friendship.

If you are so busy that the family doesn't get time to have fun together then its memebers will start to grow apart from each other. This year is the only year my children will be in the same school and the same schedule, it will be extra important that they spend time together.

If you over schedule your family when will your children have time to spend together. Since Last year our lives have been in constant flux and our kids haven't had many activities. They spend lots of time playing together. For this spring however, I've over scheduled - on Mondays my son has Drama, on Tuesdays Ball, on Wednesdays Piano, on Thursdays ball. Now add in my daughter's activities and it takes up Friday and Saturday.

If your kids can find activity's they like to do together then your one step ahead of the game. Not only will you save time by getting them to the same place at the same time but they will also find common ground that will bring them closer.

Guilt is a Mother's Perogative

Ever feel like a terrible mother? Whenever someone says a judgemental comment about my parenting I automatically think "Am I a Bad Mother?" I afford my children too many liberties sometimes and I pick too few battles. I spend too much time working and too little time playing with them. I'm not highly organized around the house and don't do laundry on a regular enough basis.

Sure I'm not perfect, I never claimed to be. I love my children and I offer them a different education then most kids get. In meetings they sit and listen and learn about work and business. I'm blessed because they do sit so nicely for a longer time then most children their age and they are rewarded for it.

Every parent is not perfect we all make mistakes. Parenting is not easy and we could all use help not judgement. Look at your attitude, do you offer help or criticism when you see a parent struggling? Do you open your heart to others or turn your back if they don't fit into your image?

Try something new, offer helpful advice when asked and help when not. Try being a positive beacon to those in your life, offering encouragement and a helping hand. I was on my own with my kids for 5 months with only 2 hours a day without my kids. It is lonely and hard work being a single mom. If you know a single mom offer to help by babysitting or taking the kids to the park. It will make a big difference to the single mom and the kids. Instead of judging her and criticising, try helping instead.

We all want to be accepted, to be praised as amazing moms, but if all you do is judge and put down others why should anyone praise or help you?

The Joy of Giving

My daughters birthday is tomorrow, it came fast. My son came home from school in a panic, it was April 1st and he had to get to the store to buy his sister a birthday present right away. He went to the store with his dad to get a gift came home and told her he'd gotten her something different then the actual gift and wanted to make her a card. He's more excited then she is, he's full of the joy of giving. Tomorrow will be so wonderful to share in his excitement in giving her a gift he choose and paid for with his own money. I wasn't expecting him to spend his own money, he just came and asked for the cheque he just received as an Easter gift from Grandma.

My daughter loves to give too, but not as much as she loves to shop for herself. I don't know how to instill the joy of giving into children, my son was born with it. I am hoping that if I give my daughter more opportunities to give she will be filled with the same joy of giving, only time will tell.

After all, it is better to give then to receive.


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