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As many bored housewives suffering from isolation and minor depression I have eaten myself into a hefty size 18.  My mother is always after me to eat better and exercise..... today she sent me a link to the My Fitness Pal website and I have drank the Kool Aid (sugar free) as the saying goes.  I have linked to my mother's account so she can see my progress. I must be a glutton for punishment because it means she'll now see every bit of chocolate I eat and every time I drink a sugar laden Coke, my coffee of the afternoon.  My father drank lots of Coke every day from the age of 2, yes 2 -its a long story, and now suffering various stomach ailments is always quick to tell me to stop drinking the stuff. Being the rebellious daughter, I don't always listen, but now - provided I am honest enough to track everything - I don't stand a chance of getting away with this bad habit.

Knowing my mom as I do, after all she's been with me for 38 years, she will berate me every time I over eat and eat too many sweets.  She has full faith in the fact that I will become a diabetic any day now considering my eating habits paired with my lack of exercise. 

In the past I have tried Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss with no success.  What they lacked that this program does not, my mother harping on me everyday to keep my diary, to exercise, and to eat better. 

I'm not sure I'll loose all the weight, I don't really have a desire to do so, but maybe with the influence of an overly competitive and outspoken mother who has no fear of criticising her daughter I may just loose a few pounds and get in better shape along the way.

If you are looking to loose weight try out My Fitness Pal . com and make sure to look me up and connect and together we just might succeed.   The best thing about the site -- It is FREE to use.


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