Child Slavery - Girls are most Vulnerable

In most poverty stricken countries parents sell their children into slavery. Sometimes they are tricked with the promise that they are sending their children to work as domestic help. Sometimes though they know their daughters are going to brothels and the money is worth more to them.

The Child Slavery story by Time journalists Alex Perry and Jonathan Taylor tells about how parents profit from their daughters work in brothels.

I can't imagine for the life of me what it would be like to sell my daughter, let alone into a life of prostitution. Do these parents weep? Do they regret? Do they think about their daughters? Do they even care? I could not continue to live knowing my daughter was in pain let alone if I put her there.

For years I have sent money to either World Vision or Foster Parents Plan. When I was young my parents sent money to World Vision. Has it made a dent? Does any of the money help out? It sounds like things are only getting worse regardless of these types of organizations.

Is there a solution? Probably not an easy one because any solution would mean those with money would have to think of others and care about the faceless poor.

Chocolate and Child Slavery
Child Slavery in Modern Day America and other Industrialized Nations

Disabled Children Sold into Slavery

Chocolate and Child Slavery - Time to give up Chocolate

I love chocolate, who doesn't? Everything tastes better with chocolate right! The Ivory Coast in Africa uses child slavery to produce cocoa beans. By buying chocolate I feel like I'm supporting child slavery so no more chocolate.

Fair trade chocolate is OK to eat but if it doesn't say fair trade you don't know where it comes from.

Child Slavery in Modern Day America and Canada

Chocolate and Child Slavery

BBC News report on Child Slavery in Western Africa

ABC News Photo Journalism Story of a Life of a Child Slave

Defining the roles of siblings to foster friendship

When I was pregnant with my daughter I defined my son's role as a big brother for him. As we talked about what it meant to be a big brother he made the role his and took it very seriously. As a big brother he was very concerned about her happiness and her safety.

As my daughter grew up it became very clear that she was getting the better deal so I defined her role as a little sister and made her just as responsible for her big brother as he was for her.

By defining their roles and having them participate in the discussion they took full ownership of their roles in the family. They have become very close and are good friends.

Modern Day Slavery in Industrialized Nations like America and Canada

I knew about the sex trade and how it was enslaving women, but I hadn't heard about child slavery in homes for domestic services. I was watching a Law and Order episode about child slavery and thought that it was so far fetched I googled it. I was surprised to find out how big of a problem it is in America and Canada. So my question is, what kind of people would bring a child into their home and force them to be a slave?

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Why I will no longer eat chocolate

Every Mother of Young Children needs an IPOD with Noise Cancelling EarPhones

My kids have friends over and the weather outside is too cold to send them outside. The volume in the house and the absolute silliness is getting on my nerves. so I put my ipod on and my stress level decreased immediately.

So if you know a new mom and you're wondering what she needs, really good earplugs or earphones for an IPOD.

What if You Accidently Married Your Brother or Sister?

What if you accidently married your brother or sister? Is it possible to accidently fall in love, marry and have children with your brother or sister?

Free love, one night stands, and a rise in fatherless children. Hey anything can happen now adays.

Just a thought!


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