My 10 year old - A Time of Contradictions

I always was aware my time as my son's world, sun and moon was limited. As he gained more independence I experienced contradicting emotions, pride in his growing abilities and sadness that he didn't need me 24/7 anymore. The tween years have been full of conflicting emotions, one minute he's the cuddliest, loving little boy and the next he won't walk within 10 feet of me. In the morning he'll be playing with his stuffed animals, by the afternoon he's playing it cool, and by the evening he's watching a documentary on the History Channel.

10 Things about 10 year old - Great article that outlines the amazing things about a 10 year old boy.

How do Stay at Home Mom's do IT?

I'm gonna go nuts. Stay at Home mom's that are good at caring for their families needs are something to be cherished. No wonder my husband is always pissed off at me, I suck at house keeping, laundry, and cooking. I am going cabin crazy and could use an afternoon with friends.

I have a girlfriend who gave up her own aspirations, goals, and needs to care for her family. She became a different person and did a very good job as a stay at home mom for the first few years, then became quite depressed. A few years ago she decided to do something for herself and start a new career, which her husband didn't agree with. Today they are divorced and she is still trying to get her career off the ground and he continues to make it difficult for her.

I just can't seem to bring myself to do the best job of cleaning, laundry, and cooking. It's not that I don't care about my family or don't love them. I know I need to do a better job but I am so much happier when I am working outside the home. I have no problem putting in the extra effort at the office, I just can't get it together when I'm home with nothing to do but clean and cook.

Women that can work hard taking care of their family deserve so much more recognition and appreciation then they get because it isn't easy to put others first; no matter how much you love them.

90% of Canadian Money has Traces of Cocaine

It's not surprising that there is cocaine on our paper money considering it is a cash only Business. Most legal transactions today are done with cards and not cash, so the bulk of the cash has gone through some form of illegal transaction. Maybe the government should do away with legal tender all together.

Some are worried about Big Brother watching what they are spending their money on. My question to them is what are you buying that would flag you as needing to be investigated?

If there was no cash then it would be harder to launder money. Think about it - if they can't buy it with cash and then how could they clean their money? How would they have dirty money to start with? Without cash how could their buyers purchase their product? Do drug dealers take Visa?

Think about the money the government would save because it no longer needs to manufacture legal tender. For that matter the amount of trees that would be saved.

Criminals being what they are would find another way around it to sell their drugs. Addicts will find ways to buy them, even in a cashless society. However, making it harder for them to get what they want should be the goal of government. Since the drug industry is so lucrative and brings so much cash into the country, I doubt the government is in a hurry to put up another barrier to the drug trade.

I know that a virtual cash society is not realistic, we've lost the war on drugs and they are a part of our society. Knowing that 90% of our money has traces of Cocaine, (and Canadian money has more than US) is not helpful, studies that tell us how to keep our kids from choosing to try Cocaine in the first place.


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