The Weather is Great and Calls for a Family Bike Ride

It's been raining for days and cool for months so when today was so nice out it called for us to be outside. Today called for a family bike ride. Taking a couple hours to spend with the kids biking all around our neighbourhood was great! There was so much to do outside and inside but today we choose to make time with the kids a priority.

I had wanted to take them to movies in the Park last night but we had a thunder shower and I fell asleep on the couch before the carnival started. I heard it was lots of fun and well organized. We can't do everything, but its important to do something.

This morning I took our son to his ball game and came home to my daughter helping her dad build a workbench. It was so cute and she even helped drill the holes. I wish he'd do more things like this with the kids, include them in his chores. I also should do that but my patience runs out too quickly because my priority is to get the job done. I know the kids need to be apart of my daily activities but I fail. That is why family time every day is so important even it it's only for 1/2 hour.

Designs on Shirts for Kids - Unique Designs make Good Gifts for Children

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Unique Designs for kids on shirts and other items. Looking for a unique gift for someone? Check out these t-shirts. Clean designs with mild attitude, some designed with my kids help.

School Kids Shave Their Heads for Cancer and Raise $22K

My son's school organized a shave your lid for a kid event to raise money for Alberta kids cancer care. The school is K-4, has 500 kids in it and raised over $22K. Twenty kids choose to shave their lids and one was even a girl, the daughter of my hair dresser. My son's hair was the second longest but just short of the 12" to make a wig.

I was shocked when my son wanted to shave his head. His hair was long and part of his image and personality. He wants to model and act in commercials so his hair is a huge part of his image and look. He raised $550 by going door to door and calling family for pledges.

I am so proud of him, he says he doesn't want to do it again and really wants his hair to grow back fast. We are going to bleach it and die it bright red for fun so the tips are red as it grows back. Hair is hair and it grows back - I want him to have fun with it too.

Children Grow Up So Fast - I Wish I Could Turn Back Time

I am looking at pictures of my kids when they were younger and I wish that I could turn back time. This was my daughter when she was 2 years old, I loved that hat and Old Navy dress on her, it was a sad day when she outgrew them.

I was fortunate I was able to stay home because we had an in house daycare that brought in good money. Yet it wasn't enough time and I feel I didn't get enough time with that cute little face.

Every age is special, every age amazing, I am enjoying her as a little 6 year old girl but I miss that 2 year old girl too. She is strong willed and likes to have things her own way and didn't always get along with the other kids. Like any 2 year olds she needed a lot of extra attention and I rarely had any me time. Now I get lots of me time and I miss her attaching herself to me every minute of every day.

Young children are lots of work and it is only natural for parents to wish they had more me time and can't wait for their child to grow older. However, once they have you can't turn back the clock - no matter how much you wish you could.

This is why I love my scrapbooks, they are a record of my memories and my thoughts about my children. I started them with the goal of expressing how much I loved them, my dreams for them, advice I wanted to pass on in case I died they'd have a piece of me to hold on to. Morbid huh!

I love them so much and I tell them all the time, I also have taught them to express their love for each other. However, each day that passes they grow a little more independent and want to spend more time with friends and less time with me. I'm not alone, I'm sure every parent wishes they could turn back time.

May Long Weekend is Family Vacation Time - 6 hours in the Car!

We went to the Okanagan for the weekend to get away, I haven't been there since we moved back to Calgary last November. It was nice to get away, the drive is about 6 hours one way. The journey was great and the kids didn't bicker at all.

Thank goodness for Nintendo DS!

Even without the DS' they've been great on trips. They like the same things and my son is very patient with his little sister. If there are any problems it is usually because she is being bossy.

They've been making the trip on a regular basis since they were born and we take lots of long car trips so they are very used to entertaining themselves in the car. I always have stuff for them to play with or do, even a TV/DVD set up. Of course candy and snacks are a must with water to drink.

Both of them have a long attention span, when they were younger I had to put more choices and more stuff into the car for them to do. Now one or two DS games is enough to keep them entertained for the whole trip.

At first my parents were very critical about TV in the car, but if it keeps the fighting down to a minimum who cares!

What things keep your kids entertained while in the car?

Chewy Rice Krispie Squares???? and a Birthday Cake

I remember my mom making the best chewy rice krispie squares when I was a kid. Everytime I make them they are hard and crunchy..... That should give you an idea of what kind of cook I am, after all who can screw up rice krispie squares?

So I did what anyone with a problem does today, I searched the net and found some advice that had me slow down the process. I turned the heat to low and slowly melted the butter and marshmallows.

The result has been a chewier rice crispie square, so far. I'll see if they are dry tomorrow. UPDATE: Still Chewy even days later. I've even added mini marshmellows just before I add the rice cereal and they only melt a little and add more chewiness.

I also love adding chocolate chips ontop of the squares they melt with the heat and then I spread the chocolate and let it set. Soooo good.

Birthday Cake Idea:

I got tired of throwing birthday cake away after parties, the icing was all gone but the kids rarely ate the cake. So now I make birthday cakes out of things the kids will eat.

I'll have to try a rice krispie birthday cake next birthday party. Just make the rice crispie squares and then decorate with icing, add candles - Voila instant birthday cake.

Finger Jello Birthday Cake

Groovy Retro Birthday Party Theme Invitations

Purse Invitation Birthday Cards

Recipes for the Family

I love tapioca pudding and would love to make it myself. In looking for a recipe I came across a great blog filled with wonderful family recipes.

101 Cookbooks

Check it out, I hope you'll find some wonderful recipes for your family.


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