Cadbury Buying Bikes for Africa and Fair Trade Coca Beans

Last night I saw Cadbury's TV ad telling the world they will buy a bike for someone in Africa if we buy their chocolate and enter the USP code. I thought of two things when I saw it: 1. They buy coca beans in the market where 40% comes from farms with child slavery. 2. The USP code is a great marketing tool to start an interaction with consumers - but what about the chocolate bar consumers that don't enter the USP code online?

Cadbury has promised to manufacture a chocolate bar that is made with free trade products. This is a much more important initiative for Africa then a bike. By purchasing coca beans that are grown on farms with NO child labour at a fair price the African people can have a better quality of life.

Since we don't buy non fair trade chocolate bars anymore, I am looking forward to Cadbury's free trade chocolate bars.

Cadbury's free trade chocolate


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