Prayer - Does it Matter? Does it Work? Why Bother?

Ever feel like your prayers fall on deaf ears, that its just a waste of time?  I've been there, heck I'm there.  Life has a way of throwing you curve balls that cause you to strike out.  Ever feel bone tired but unable to sleep?  Drained of all emotion and left feeling lost wanting to give up?  Ever wonder if God really cares?

Everyone of us has a sob story, a feel sorry for ourselves, all out no one loves me type of story.  We pray and believe that our prayers have fallen on deaf ears or worse they've been heard but God just doesn't care. 

We watch the news and believe that the world is the worst it has ever been and it can't get any worse.  When in reality its better in so many ways then when the Romans ruled the known world, then when Genghis Khan ran rampant throughout central Asia.  We forget how terrifying the inquisition was, or what the common person went through during the dark ages.  We forget how dehumanizing and violent hand to hand combat was compared to today's impersonal killing from a distance.

When things are going terribly wrong for us, when we can't find solace in our prayers we forget when our prayers were answered.  We forget what we are asking for, we forget to look deep inside ourselves to find some sort of answer.  We only want the response that we seek, we do not seek the response that is given.  To often we miss the answer because we are too stuck, too busy, too self centered to see what is right in front of us. 

How often do we get bogged down in the troubles of today, only to forget the glory of yesterday or the promise of tomorrow?  I try hard to focus on my blessings, but too often I forget about them because I am focused on what I want. 

Too often we see the trials others go through and pray that God would heal, provide, or "fix".  All we see is that God is not answering our prayer and the person continues to suffer.  We don't understand what is going on behind the scenes, the global or spiritual implications - but God does. 

Today was difficult, but is that God's fault or mine?  As hard as it is for me to admit it, I have to say mine.  I made choices that resulted in consequences I didn't foresee or want.  I didn't ask the questions that would have provided me the necessary answers to make better decisions.  Should God fix it? Should I expect that he'll step in and take away the consequences, just because I asked him too?  Can God change my DNA so that life will be easier, different, better?  I thought about how unappreciated I felt today and how my kids and my husband hurt me.  Is it so different for God when we don't appreciate what he has done for us, how he made us, or how he answers us?  Maybe some prayers are best left unanswered. 

A New System to Motivate the Kids to Help Out Around the House....

I am constantly trying new ways to get the kids to help out without it becoming a huge fight. Every time I start a new system the kids get motivated for a day.... Hopefully this new system will work.

Both kids want to go somewhere - My daughter wants to go to the water slides and my son wants to go to Seattle. I was so pissed off at them yesterday I decided I wasn't doing anything nice for them until they started helping out. So I created a points system.

If they do some work around the house they get a point.
If they do it without being asked they get another point.
If they do a bigger job the get an extra point.
If they do what they are told they get a point.

In order to go to their place of choice they need to collect 40 points each. I will not be doling out money or driving them anywhere without enough points.

I'm not sure how long this will last... hopefully longer then the marbles idea.

God grant me Patience the Summer.... Getting the kids Outside is a War of Wills

Trying to get my kids to go outside is resulting in a lot of screaming, removal of privledges, threats, and hair pulling. I'm not feeling good because I've had the stomach flu so my irritability is high and my tolerance is low.

Despite being jumped on, covers ripped off, screamed at my son didn't get out of bed until noon then promptly came down and demanded breakfast. No food for big boys who can't get out of bed in time - He had to find his own food.

My daughter was given a limited amount of time to play video games since she'd just spent 3 weeks at the cabin with no electronics. An hour after deadline and me screaming at her I finally had to threaten canceling a trip to the Cultus Lake waterslides.

I am a busy person, just like every mother and need my kids to listen without me strong arming them and beating them to a pulp. In between watering gardens, applying for work, working on my own business, and trying to clean the kitchen I have to remind them to do what they were told, over and over again.

Why do transitions have to be so hard for my kids? It takes 3 times as long as it should for them to go from one activity to another or to get ready to leave the house. It's not like their babies or toddlers and need me to dress them and get them ready, but they still need me to stand over them and give them step by step instructions just to get out the door.

God please grant me some patience today and take away this irratibility so that I can get through today without creating a war zone with my children. - Amen.

A Prayer for My Children

While unpacking and going through stuff I found a prayer for my children I had written about 6 years ago.  Looking back at the last 6 years I would say that it has been answered and its time to pray these words again as my son is quickly coming upon the dreaded teen years.  I prayed these words daily for a time and although God has answered this prayer I hope that by taking up these words again he'll continue to answer it.


I ask you to give both (my son and daughter) wisdom.  Tune their ears to wisdom and their concentration to understanding.  Inspire them to search it out as they would lost money or hidden treasure, so they will understand what it means to fear you Lord and gain knowledge of you.  For only you grant wisdom and from your mouth comes knowledge and understanding.  Grant them good sense, or common sense, and be their shield protecting them as they walk with integrity.  Give them understanding for what is right, just and fair, so that they can find the right course of action every time.  Allow wisdom to enter their hearts with Joy.  For wise planning will watch over them and understanding will keep them safe. 

Lord, I ask that you will give them an understanding mind so they will know right from wrong, as you gave to Soloman, but also give them the courage to put it into action.  Lord, may they listen to the teachings of (my husband) and I, may it crown them in grace and clothe them in honour. 

Lord, pour out the spirit of wisdom upon them and make them wise.  It was by your wisdom, oh Lord, that you founded the earth, by your understanding you established the heavens and by your knowledge the deep fountains of the earth burst forth and the clouds poured down rain.  The profit of wisdom is better than silver and her wages are better than gold.  These things I pray for my children. 

Lord help them to learn to be wise and develop good judgement.  Lord I plead that wisdom will cry out to them and they will hear her raising voice.  May the welcome her and all that comes with her.  May they see her value above that of gold, silver, and rubies.  May it multiply their days and add years to their Lives.  Lord, there is no greater gift than that of your wisdom.  If you are only to give them one gift may it be that of wisdom and the courage to act upon it.            - Amen.

As I copy this I realize how convoluted and formal it sounds.  When I wrote it down 6 years ago I was studying prayers of the Old Testament and have recommitted my self to studying prayer recently so it is fitting that I copy this prayer at this time. 

Six years ago, seems like such a long  time ago and so much has changed since.  I am not as satisfied or content as I was, then again at the time I focused more on my daily blessings then what I was lacking.  I wasn't distracted by the TV or the Internet, I was focused on reading and studying the Bible from cover to cover.  Maybe its time I recommitted myself to learning and study and turned off the distractions and have quiet in the house.  Now if I could just get the crows to be quiet....


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