Why I Will NOT Use Hotwire.com again in Canada

My cousin uses Hotwire to book cheap hotels in the US all the time and Since we needed a hotel in Calgary for a few nights I thought - hey why not. So we rolled the dice and booked a 2 star hotel - which turns out is a 1 star. If I had gotten a better deal than any other online hotel site I would of been OK, so what at least we got a good deal - besides all we do is sleep there anyway. I have had my share of crappy hotels for the sake of a deal. When I went to other sites like priceline, travelocity, and hotels for example to see how much I saved using Hotwire's blind service I found out I'd saved a total of --- NOTHING. In fact I could have saved a few more dollars using priceline. Now I'm stuck in a Hotel that they advertise as a 2 star but I know doesn't compare to the others Hotwire gives as examples of 2 star hotels. I stay regularly in the hotels that were given as 2 star examples and know the difference. This one is more of a Econolodge then a Quality Inn. Live and learn!

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Coupons said...

I guess you never know what you're gonna get with those blind deals, huh?


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